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Our Team

We’re proud to be your trusted partner in the journey of living well with epilepsy, and we strive to provide the most updated information and resources possible. We understand that living with seizures can present unique challenges, so our compassionate staff is here to walk alongside you and to provide support for everyone affected by epilepsy.

Please call us at 303-377-9774, email us at, or follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Headshot of Marcee Aude, VP Community Initiatives

Marcee Aude
VP of Community Initiatives

Headshot of Corrina Madrid, VP of Engagement

Corrina Madrid, CFRE
VP of Engagement

Headshot of Marissa Cardenas, Youth Programs

Marissa Cardenas
Youth Programs Coordinator

Headshot of Dana D'Onofrio, Engagement Manager

Dana D’Onofrio
Engagement Manager

Headshot of Susan Fleming, Digital Engagement

Susan Fleming
Digital Engagement Manager

Headshot of Larissa Grammer, Care Manager

Larissa Hill
Care Navigation Manager

Headshot of Marc Homer, WY Director of Outreach

Marc Homer
Wyoming Director

Headshot of Leigh Schommer, Hispanic Outreach

Leigh Schommer
Hispanic Outreach Manager

Headshot of Alex Zelaya, Office Manager

Alex Zelaya
Business Operations Manager

Board of Directors

The Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado & Wyoming’s Board of Directors is a passionate collective of individuals who are responsible for defining the organization’s mission and purpose, setting policy, establishing long-term goals and strategic planning, monitoring general operations, and approving organizational outcomes and allocation of resources.  Each person has a direct connection to epilepsy and is committed to helping us empower, connect, and educate our community in order to improve the lives of everyone affected by epilepsy.

Richard (Chip) Sander, President
Steve Franzen, Past President
Sara Yerkey, Vice President
Evan Crist, Vice President
Brian Thomas, Secretary
Corey Edwards, Treasurer

Sara Beth Bennett
Brooke Gordon

Rep. Iman Jodeh
Brad Lauffer
Kristen Park, MD
Kim Pope
Laura Strom, MD

Honorary Board Members

Rick Campbell
Ed Maa, MD
Bob Pinkerton

Professional Advisory Board

The Professional Advisory Board (PAB) and Foundation program staff work together to ensure that the Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado is delivering programs and services that are current, up to date, and relevant to current community needs. The PAB provides support and advice to program staff, assists in the development of new programs, and identifies best practice standards. PAB members also serve as ambassadors for the Foundation’s programs providing a connection to and ongoing exchange of information and referrals with the epilepsy community.

Jacci Bainbridge, PharmD
Mesha Gay Brown, MD
Chad Bush, MD

Marie Collier, MD
Susan Ellor, MD

Laura Friedlander, MD
Michael Johnson, MD

Lesley Kaye, MD

Kelly Knupp, MD
Ed Maa, MD

Danielle McDermott, MD
Matthew Mian, MD
Gaetha Mills, RN, CNRN
Jacob Pellinen, MD – Chair
Shankar Perumal, MD

Ben Ross, MD
Mark Spitz, MD

Chelsey Stillman, PA-C
Stephanie Wagner, RN
Diana Walleigh, MD
David Wheeler, MD
Jared Woodward, DO

Professional Advisory Network

The Professional Advisory Network (PAN) members provide support and advice to program staff, assist in the development of new programs, and serve as expert counsel on an as-needed basis.

Kirsten Bracht, MD
Richard Clemmons, MD
Rhonda Debello, RN
Mark DeFee, LPC
Ro Elgavish, MD
Krista Eschbach, MD

Sheri Friedman, MD
Kimberly Horiuchi, MD
Ricka Messer, MD
Kirsten Nielsen, MD
Brent R. O’Neill, MD
Renee Pazdan, MD

Katie Polovitz, MD
Archana Shrestha, MD
Andrew White, MD
Tom Wodushek, PhD
Alma Yum, MD

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