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Help the Epilepsy Foundation of Colorado & Wyoming make a difference for people living with epilepsy today.

Once you have made your donation and you receive the email with your PIN, follow the instructions below to purchase your Epilepsy Awareness plates online. You can also purchase your plates in person at DMV offices around the state.

These are instructions for getting NEW Colorado license plates. Learn how to renew your plates here.

Go to and click on Vehicle Services. Then click on Submit a first-time vehicle registration. 
Enter your title number and letter ID on the next screen.
Provide information requested and click Next to move through registration screens.
Select Yes or No for Personalized Plate, and then select Epilepsy Awareness from the drop down menu.
Enter the PIN provided via email from the Foundation (allow up to a week to receive it after you submit your donation).
Enter your email address and confirm your address in the second field. Click “Next” to advance to the next screen.
Read the statement certifying that you have provided accurate information and click “I certify.” Click “Next” to advance to the next screen.
Click “Enter a Payment.” Follow instructions to complete payment, making sure to scroll all the way through the Terms and Conditions.
The final screen will confirm your order has been submitted. The DMV will send you a payment receipt email and a confirmation that your Epilepsy Awareness plates will be manufactured and mailed to you within 2-4 weeks (possibly longer outside the Front Range).
Thank you again for your support, and email or call 303-377-9774 with any questions.
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